A white character that represents order, monotony and tidiness and a black character that represents disorder and adventure. How they relate to each other, they become attracted and repelled. In their fight, they go down into a black and white monsters nightmare and from mutual collaboration they arrive to discover together a different world full of colors. With the script and cartoons by illustrator Max (2007 Spain Comic Award), Mima & Katastrôfik follows the path ofMalasombra, the previous performance by auMents inspired in cartoons and shadows.


Directed by: Marc de Pablo, Tomeu Gomila

Script and cartoons: Max

Choreography: Marc de Pablo

Dancers: Leticia Hoz, Marc de Pablo

Animation: Antonio Lara

Music: José Miguel Puigserver

Lighting design: Manu Martínez

Special thanks to: la Rulot comunicacio, Teatre Principal de Palma, C.I.N.E Sineu


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