malasombra short clip

some words by the director Tomeu Gomila. Interview at Summerhall

An emotionally dark, richly visual fairytale for adults and heavy-metal kids . How would you feel if your shadow took over your soul and began exploring its own desires and urges? What would you do? How could you get it back? Are self-confidence and friendship with others enough to defeat the evil of the shadowy Mister Malasombra?

Internationally acclaimed Spanish company auMents combines visual theatre, dance, video art, object theatre, experimental shadow theatre and rock music to create a beautiful, exciting, fantastical journey through a collective fantasy, plunging us through the human soul’s darkness and light.

Malasombra is a production that was developed for the stage in collaboration with auMents dance theater (Spain); cartoonist Max (Spain – winner of the National Comic Book Award 2007. Max was responsible for the dramaturgy and the project’s artistic implementation inspired by the world of shadows.


Directing and choreography: Andrea Cruz, Tomeu Gomila

Dramaturgy: Max

Performers: Leticia Hoz, Aina Pascual, Tomeu Gomila

Original music: Rodrigo Latorre, Kiko Barrenengoa, Puter, Gato

Stage design: Max, Tomeu Gomila.

Visuals: Roberto Rodriguez with original illustrations from Max

Costumes: Andrea Cruz

Lighting design: Manu Martinez

Suported by: Iberescena2010, Concurs de Projectes escènics de

Palma 2010, Fundació Teatre Principal de Palma.

All the feel of a Tim Burton fairytale. FESTMAG

impressive shadows. WOW247 THE SCOTSMAN

Malasombra is the kind of production that young adults love. TVBOMB

Creepy shadow art make for a dark and unnerving viewing. THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER

It is a visual feast. FRINGE GURU

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