The Festival is aimed at promoting the creative and social connection with the city, to rethink it, to generate a bank of ideas, to stimulate collective interaction of public space and promote a model of a creative city based on the arts (music, visual, performing arts, etc.)

B_free urban interventions (micro)fest

This is a project co-directed by auMents, dance company – Balearic theater with a long career with the collaboration of AAtomic Lab, an activist collective of creative innovation who is dedicated to the organization of performances, artistic and educational workshops open creative facilities.


The basic lines of action in B-free have been:

> innovation through the arts.

> Social participation through urban public spaces interventions.

> The questioning of the public space.

> Training through workshops and work tables and discussion of creative and artistic base.

> Foreign promotion of the performing arts of our islands through a program comprised of artists/producers and foreign residents.



We are in a moment of transformation in relation to the spaces (private/public), and how creativity can affect the way you do city from the people. For both laboratories and the activities of B-Free Mini-Fest have been promoted as a process of engagement and common knowledge exchange with an experimental character, to promote through the creativity, innovation, participation, knowledge transfer, the critical discourse and collaboration between artists and foreign residents, among others.          Carles Gispert                 Tomeu Gomila