The painter Rafel Joan, the dancer Tomeu Gomila and the musician Puter “el prehome indefinit” develop together a performance on three artistic levels(painting, dance and music) in the amazing stage of coves del Drach, Balears island’s biggest caves. Visuals, music, and stage arts come together to a live cave painting performance.



Ferments is a experimental work about senses with artists from contemporary and traditional music with the dancers Leticia Hoz and Tomeu Gomila. A dance and music session was held in the music studios of Rafel Brunet with 16 musicians creating sounds from the rhythms of the dancers bodies.



Visions of infinity, creative process on Llull’s figure


When looking curiously into the work of Llull we realize his modernity. With his attempts to unify religions developed an original scientific system based on mathematical thinking and raised the foundations of combinatorial that is the basis of the current digital technology. This contemporary nature of Llull, his attitude that looks towards the unity of the faith and the thinking contrasts with the medieval attitude that exists today in the wars of religion and the arrogance of the market system and production. This proposal invites us to make a reflection on how to resolve conflicts with the reasoning and not by force or by economic power.

Visions of infinity is the title of a choreographic creation that offers a vision of the contemporary work of Llull. Three dancers: Marc de Pablo, Juan Taltavull and Tomeu Gomila gather to carry out a research project about the figure of Llull, embodied by the actor Xim Vidal.


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